About Levine Dentistry

Irvine dental office

What makes Levine Dentistry such a highly sought-after dentistry office? Our talented and compassionate dentist, supportive team, and comfortable office environment with up-to-date technology all combine to produce great results.

Dr. Ursula Levine

Dr. Levine is known for her compassionate and respectful manner with her patients. She believes in empowering patients with knowledge, so that they can feel confident making choices about their oral health care. She has exceptional technical skills, and her results are greatly enhanced by her artistic eye. Dr. Levine has training in the humanities as well as in the sciences, giving her a unique aesthetic sense that helps her to create unique smiles for each patient. Our team of experienced professionals supports Dr. Levine in providing the best dental care for every patient.

State-of-the-Art Dental Office

The most up to date technologies can enhance safety, efficiency, and comfort for the patient. Since Dr. Levine is deeply invested in the care and comfort of her patients, she has chosen to invest in key pieces of dental technology, such as digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and ultrasonic scalars. In addition, in order to ensure excellence of treatment at every stage in of care, Dr. Levine uses digital dental charting, digital and patient-preference guided communication for convenience of scheduling and appointment confirmation, and highly encrypted data storage and transfer to cooperating specialists and insurance companies to enhance the speed, responsiveness and efficiency of treatment plan management and insurance claims. Our beautiful office environment helps our patients to feel calm and relaxed when they visit the dentist.

Available Dental Services

Dr. Levine offers a full range of dental and oral health services, including the following:

General Dentistry

  • Dental exams and diagnosis
  • Dental cleanings
  • Digital X-rays
  • Composite fillings (“white” fillings)
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Root canals
  • Occlusal guards (protects dentition from clenching, grinding, and sports impact)

Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Periodontal Care

  • Scaling and root planing (commonly known as “deep cleaning” or periodontal therapy)
  • Periodontal maintenance (supportive therapy after deep cleaning)
  • Oral hygiene instruction and demonstrations
  • Bone and tissue grafting

Treatment of Common Dental Conditions

Dr. Levine is passionate about instilling good oral health habits at a young age, and welcomes children of any age in her practice. She feels a responsibility to show kids that dental visits can be pleasant and even rewarding. Dr. Levine offers a range of pediatric dental services, including first childhood visits, checkups and exams, sealants, fluoride treatment, and occlusal guard fitting for young athletes.