Cost of Dental Implants Irvine, CA

Dr. Ursula Levine, DDS | Levine Dentistry, Inc.

For many patients, cost is an important factor when considering any dental service. Dental implants represent a significant investment, but it’s important to recognize that you are buying a restoration that will be used every day and can last the rest of your life  with proper care. Additionally, when compared to the cost of replacing a crown or bridge every few years, dental implants are often the more economical restorative dentistry choice over time, even though the up-front cost may be higher.

Cost Varies By Patient

Dr. Ursula Levine, the dentist that patients trust for high quality dental implants in Irvine, receives questions about dental implants cost on a regular basis. Truthfully, the price is different for everyone. The best way to get an accurate quote is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Levine to discuss your particular situation.

Every patient has a unique set of circumstances, and the number of appointments, procedures and materials that are required for the placement of dental implants varies accordingly. Additionally, there are different types of dental implants available, with different costs. It is difficult to quote a patient’s dental implants cost without meeting and learning more about her or his needs.

Keep in mind that the price of dental implants should include all of the components of an implant as well as the surgical procedures to place them. Be sure to clarify that any quotes you get reflect the full cost of  placement along with all of the hardware. 

Factors that Affect Dental Implants Cost

How many implants are needed? Someone that is replacing an entire arch of teeth can expect to pay more than someone that is replacing a single tooth.

What implant system is being used? Not all implant systems are created equal. Some have a higher price point than others, based on the materials and the craftsmanship that goes into creating the implants.

Is any special technology used to plan or place the implants? Some dentists that offer dental implants use advanced technology to enhance the planning process for more predictable results. Since these pieces of technology are a big investment for a dental office, the cost of the implants may reflect this.

Is bone grafting required? To succeed, implants must be placed in strong, healthy jawbone. When the jawbone is insufficient, bone grafting can be performed ahead of time to help strengthen the area so that it can support an implant. This treatment represents an additional cost.

Does the tooth need to be extracted? Some treatment plans start with the extraction of a failing or compromised tooth. The cost of this procedure will be factored into the overall cost of dental implants.

How experienced is the person placing the implant? A less experienced implant provider may charge less to lure new patients, whereas a veteran dentist charges a higher price to reflect their level of experience. It is wise to steer clear of anyone that is offering bargain pricing or special discounts. This is a dental treatment worth the investment with an experienced practitioner..

Schedule a Consultation to Learn About Irvine Dental Implants Cost

If you would like to discuss dental implants with Dr. Levine and get a quote for your treatment, she will need to see you. Learning about your situation and examining you is the only way to accurately determine the cost for placing your dental implants. Please call 949-727-9600 or email our practice today to book your appointment.