Dr. Levine and her staff are great!! The office is clean and everyone is so nice! Dr. Levine is an amazing dentist and she is so gentle! She does fantastic cosmetic dentistry and she was also great with my 10 year old daughter. I would recommend her office to anyone!! Definitely 5 stars!
Dr. Levine has been my dentist for about 10 years now. I have had about a half dozen dentists before I came to her practice. I got a better feel for her services by going to her website first. She uses the most up to date and effective treatments available. If you want silver fillings, go somewhere else. They don't last and she does not do unreliable procedures. Her detailed explanations of treatment and prognosis is thorough and accurate. Her professional recommendations have always been top notch. I am completely satisfied with both her service and price. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for a fair, highly competent dentist.
I have been an extremely satisfied patient of Dr. Levine’s for approximately 6 years. On December 19, 2014, while eating dinner, I inadvertently bit down on a fork. The tooth became immediately painful, was slightly wiggly resulting in what I believed to be just a bruised tooth. I called Dr. Levine’s office the following morning and was slotted into an appointment despite Dr.Levine’s bookings full for the day. I had X-rays and Dr. Levine gave me the unfortunate news that the tooth was broken and irreparable and I would need the tooth extracted and the tooth replaced with an implant. She was meticulous in making the diagnosis and while I waited confirmed with 2 other oral surgeons that her finding was correct. I was dismayed at her diagnosis given the time, effort, energy and cost I would need to bear, and she particularly sensitive and comforting at what she knew I was to face. Dr. Levine’s office’s relationship with the oral surgeons office was excellent, and despite the Holidays being at this time, the oral surgeon saw me immediately, did the extraction and the implant in one session which was relatively painless. Given the location of the tooth loss being front and center, immediately following the surgery Dr. Levine bonded the old tooth back (for cosmetic reasons alone) while the implant and tissue had to heal (a process of 4 months). Throughout the dental procedures Dr. Levine kindly explained exactly what sensations I would feel and allayed any concerns I had. All the processes were pain free and really easy (at least for me). For Dr. Levine, the crowded space where the bonding had to be done was somewhat complex, yet Dr. Levine did a masterful job and one couldn’t notice what had happened to my front tooth that was essentially glued on. During the 4 months the tooth lost its bonding and Dr. Levine rebonded the tooth on one day notice pain free. After 3 months I had the impressions done and 3 weeks later Dr. Levine fitted the custom implant again pain free. Dr. Levine did a fantastic job both in her knowledge and in the practical execution of dental science with the implant, and as importantly being conscious of what I was experiencing during the multiple appointments, as implants are never fun procedures. I would recommend Dr. Levine’s services for any dental procedures required, as she is knowledgeable, caring, considerate at more than reasonable rates. My family and I hope to continue using her dental services for years to come.
I have been coming here for quite some time and I can say Dr. Levine really cares for her patients and takes great pride in her work. She has been helping me get some old fillings that are pretty much useless back on track. My mouth was kind of a mess of 1980's fillings and lucky Dr. Levine took one look and said we are going to fix it so I don't end up in a worse situation down the road. I like that she is very informative and tells me the steps she is going to take and what the process is. Sometimes I tell her I don't want to know and just get it done : ) The whole staff here rocks and I will continue to be her patient for as long as I can. I only have two more fillings to get replaced. Again she really takes a great sense of pride in her work and will continue with the job until she feels it's perfect. Where in most places I feel like the dentist will get you in and get you out regardless of quality of work. That will never be the case with Dr. Levine.